Customer Engagement
•  Engage and brief by customers based on the 2D conceptual drawings provided by customers
Design / Product Development
•  Develop 2D/3D sketches
•  Estimate production cost & enter into price negotiation and agreement with customers
Prototype / Sample Production
•  Create working moulds and tools for production use and prototype
•  Based on customer's feedback, prepare further samples to our customer for customer's approval
•  Proceed to trial-run production sample
Mass Production
•  Commence mass production when production orders are placed with us by the customer
•  Comply with European standards on the use of chemicals and materials, such as REACH and RoHS
Product Delivery
•  Meet the stringent delivery schedules of customers
After Sales / Warranty Service
•  Warranty Services: repair, refurbishment or replacement of defective products free of charge only when such defect was caused by
   us during manufacturing processes
•  After Sales (on a cost reimbursement basis):
   (i)    Refurbish returned products due to damage or mis-handling caused by our customers
   (ii)   Manufacture discontinued models [in small batches and their spare parts] upon request
   (iii)  Repair and polish products which have passed their product warranty period

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